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(Hardcore_Max) #1

I got my one drop dingo today, so I figured i’d tell you all and say thats freaking awesome and I will have another attempt at a review again.

So stay tuned for more.


Woof Woof Woof.

Your review on the TFL was great.
I’ll look forward to the dingo review :smiley:

(Hardcore_Max) #3

dingo review is up so tell me what you think, I was a little tired when I was writing it, but I think I did alright, I will go through and have look over it this afternoon when I get back from work and fix up anything


Sweet, Ill check it out! I’ll give you feedback I guess lol!
BORN2YOYO EDIT:::/::/;/:?;?:/;/:/?WTF IS ALL THIS FOR/?>./,.?;.:?:"?;’>?;’.;".:">:
Awesome review! I really want to get one now. I don’t have the money sadly, But I
would be spending it on a full sized yoyos, I used to have some minis, but
I get sick of yoyos so easily.

(Hardcore_Max) #5

Whats all that about???

thanks for checking out my review. most of my throws are undersized I have 3 regular sized throws at the moment, a DM, a TFL and a SEVERE. My undersized throws are a DV888, a Wooly Marmot and the Dingo. The only throw of all of them that im not a huge fan of is the SEVERE I think I have just grown tired of it, don’t get me wrong its a great yoyo but after having it for ages now we have grown apart.


Haha, yeah I got sick of my CU, and traded it for an 888.
The born2yoyo edit thing was what JM always does to edit people posts…
Except he does:
JM EDIT/:confused:
Or something of that sort.