One drop side effects


I was wondering if a one drop dingo can have side effects? I was also wondering on your thoughts on the stunt peg side effects


Nope, the Dingo can’t take them.

Haven’t tried them, but from what I’ve heard, Stunt Pegs are pretty dang fun. But expect to pay a bunch to snag a pair.


Sadly the dingo does not take side effects. It uses a nut that was press fit into the yoyo.


Awwww that sucks… Is their any other yoyo that plays like the dingo that is still a pocket throw that takes side affects


Try the yelets!


^^^^^^ I was going to say that. I’m getting my Yelets on Friday, so I’ll see how that works.


The Dingo might not have Side Effects, but maybe the Dingo 2?


Dammit Paul my wallet is hurting


Such a tease…



What is the differents between the size of the yelets vs the dingo and what is the price difference


Ima just throw out the words Cafe Racer 2 and hope you do something with. Mainly design and machine it.


I need a smaller yoyo like the dingo to fit in jeans but i hate the mighty flea


The Yelets sounds like you then. It is really thin so it fits really well in your pocket. Plays similarly to the Dingo (afaik) and takes side effects.


Well now i am starting to consider the yelets but is their any one that still takes side affects and plays simular to the dingo but is smaller than the yelets


The smallest(in terms of width) yo-yo we have at the moment that takes Side Effects is the Yelets.

There are some Dingos available here at YoYoExpert for $52. The only color available at the moment is blue.

With the Yelets, you’re going to find a larger selection of colors to choose from. You’ll find it here at YoYoExpert from 84.99 to 99.99.


thank you very much also do you know where i can find the stunt peg side effects and how much they will run me


We sadly don’t plan on making any more Stunt Pegs, so you’re going to have to scour the B/S/T for some!


Ok… So what was the deal did they not sell good?


They were difficult for us to machine and hard for people to use.


Oh ok well that kinda sucks