One drop dietz grinding.

Does the nickel plating on the dietz affedt its grinding capabilitys compared to a standard anodized one?

I would imagine so.

The nickel plated throws I’ve had (54) aren’t as good at grinding as standard coating/blasting

The finish on my MMN is great for grinding. But, that nickel plating on the Dietz look like it would be smooth, so I don’t think it would be that great. Is it electroplated? It’s gonna add a layer that would if anything smooth out the surface treatment a bit, just as the nature of the treatment of adding a layer would to anything.

It sure is pretty though!

Ok I’ll just get standard red then!

I have a nickel Dietz. Its not the best grinder, but if your skin is real dry it will grind a little bit.

the Nickle plating does affect the grinding of the Dietz, even though it’s Pyramatte finish.

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yah my Ni dietz doesnt grind very well at all comapred to most other throws i have

yogurt finish?