Nickel vs Ano

I’m wanting to get the new Flow from Spin Dynamics, and I’m generally drawn to the nickel finish when available, but I’ve been wondering if the nickel finish sacrifices grinding ability compared to the regular ano finish. I know both are media blasted, but does anyone have any experience with this?

I think a nickel finish will reduce grinding ability unless it is soda blasted… Im not positive but I think thats the case

The flow is soda blasted nickel

I believe that Spin Dynamics soda blasts their nickel plated throws. I’ve been looking at Spin Dynamics lately too, they look great.

Well since its soda blasted, if you like the look of the nickel better you should get it. It may still grind just a tad worse but nothing major, if you think nickel looks better, get it :slight_smile: it is a bit more expensive though, but if price doesnt matter, go for it.

Even though it’s a bit expensive it is 100% worth it spin dynamic yoyos are incredible! I owned a nickel smooth move and wow it was the best undersized I have ever thrown.

I have a Markmont Next which I like, but I don’t think an undersized throw will be my number one. Just don’t wanna let it go because its my only nickel throw :wink:

You and me both… But its also my only high end metal :smiley: the MN is very nice, you should check outmyreview in the yoyo review section ;D

Yes, nickel plating does not grind as well. The soda blasting only affects the look, but not the play because nickel is a plating that goes on top of the aluminum, whereas, anodizing is a process which penetrates into the aluminum.

He’s absolutely correct, the anodized Flows grind much better due to the above reason. The blasted nickel will perform well for grinds initially because it has been polished clean, but once it begins to tarnish the grinding performance will be reduced. It can always be polished back to clean however to get that “right out of the box” feel. Either way, the shape of the Flow lends itself to grinding so whatever your preference you will still have success


Somehow I figured my preference in finishes would be the slacker of the bunch. :slight_smile: thanks for the confirmation. I didn’t know that the anodizing penetrated the metal, and I was wondering if the tarnish would affect the grinds.