Nickel Plated Summit

I’m just about to buy a Summit (I’M SO EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S MY FIRST ALL-METAL YOYO OMG sorry) and I’m wondering if getting the Nickel plated version effects the play? Does it feel different from the other’s? Also how does it look compared to other painted versions?


As far as I know, CLYW/One Drop has never released a painted Summit. If you’re talking about anodization, the nickel one is a tad heavier. This weight difference is minimal and does not affect play. The nickel version does not grind as well, and tarnishes over time. You can see the difference in the aesthetics by taking a look at the pictures…

I think its a bit heavier but should play pretty much the same.

As far as looks go, thats up to you to decide… I think nickel yoyos look great new, and cool once it tarnishes, but that’s just me. Id get it over the splashes no question if nickel was as good at grinding… but it’s not. It won’t grind as well as the others, but it does look great IMO.

It is just slightly heavier. Like unnoticeably heavier. The “paint” is actually anodization. This is basically a way of coloring metal that doesn’t chip away like paint would. It also opens up things like acid wash.

Now the nickel played version will grid worse due to the fact that it has a glossy finish. Think like glass or a computer screen. It will also tarnish over time. But that won be a problem if you make sure to polish it when you start to notice it. Even if you don’t tarnishing leaves a pretty cool look so you can leave it if you like it.

Nickel always seems to play better in my opinion. I love Nickel Plated.

I think it looks great and the tarnishing adds character. No need to polish unless you want.

It probably won’t grind as well and it’ll be a little heavier. I find the Summit already feels a bit too heavy for my liking so I wouldn’t be too keen on the extra weight.

The differences are still quite small so I recommend you go with whatever appeals to you more.

Thanks for all the help! Since this is my first metal yoyo (and it’s taken me a while to save up for it) I’ll get an anodized (not painted) version just to be on the safe side.


Also does anyone know if there will be a restock of the Summit anytime soon (like in the next 3 weeks)?

They just had one