Blasting nickel plated yoyos

Anyone here trying to so some blasting to nickel yo-yos that are glossy and not so grind freindly. Want to see if blasting one with baking soda would be abrasive enough to make said yo-yo grindable without taking off the nickel finish.

One drop does blasted nickel yoyos sometimes

Yes they have the blasted nickel yoyos. But I’m just wanting to know if those were blasted before or after getting nickel plated

It happens before. If it happened after you wouldn’t see the nickel and the blast would fade after some use. This is also the reason why yoyos are never sold blasted but not anodized because it would only be temporary and wear off after use. Blasting always happens before the anodization or nickel plating.

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As stated above the blast happens before. Plating is a layer on top of the aluminum so the blasting is underneath it. If you try and soda blast nickel nothing will happen.

Thanks for the information david