One Drop + CLYW coming soon!

What do you guys think?
I’m personally stoked off my…well…you know :wink:
So much potential. I’m hoping for some nice grooves, and some sick color ways. Fingers crossed!


Oh my gosh. I picture Sasquatch with Side Effects.

Don’t mean to sound like a jerk here, but I’m not a huge fan of Onedrop… But, if it is a lighter faster yoyo with side effects I will kill for one! Can’t wait, sounds pretty cool! :slight_smile:

-James Reed

This is like a dream come true for me.

I love onedrop and CLYW so this should be ineteresting. :slight_smile:

My head just blew up.

Oh man, this is gonna be awesome. Thought I don’t think it beats the SPYY and Caribou collab :wink:

soooo sick