One Drop CiTIzen

Hey does anybody know anything about the CiTIzen? I would like to know the general release date and price point but I can’t find it anywhere. Also if anybody has tried it I would love to know how it plays. Thanks!

So you decided the yoyo review section was a better place to put this than the huge One Drop thread on the yoyo that already exists?

We haven’t been given a release date yet. Onedrop are machining them whilst moving offices, so they’ve yet to pin down an exact date.

Price, likewise, hasn’t been confirmed. I believe it was their intention to get it under $300 if possible, but they made it clear that this was not guaranteed. Depending on different factors it could end up being more.

Since it’s currently unreleased the only people that have played one are people that have recently had a tour of the Onedrop factory. We had a guy post a thread recently about his trip to Onedrop, so hopefully he’ll chime in. :slight_smile: