TITANIUUUUUM! New One Drop Citizen!

In 2010 One Drop released their first titanium yo-yo, the Sovereign and now five years later they’re back at it again tackling the magical metal that drives yo-yo players crazy – Titanium! This is the all new Citizen!

http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/one-drop-citizen2.png http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/one-drop-citizen3.png

From One Drop:
“In the last 5 years a lot has changed in the yo-yo world; the walls are lower, Yo-yos tend to be bigger than they used to be and high walls have gone by the wayside. As an industry and as a community we have all figured out what shapes, weights and weight distributions work better. As a yo-yo manufacturer we have improved our knowledge, skills and equipment an immense amount. All of these improvements played a role in the creation of the Citizen.

Titanium allowed us to take this shape and create a weight distribution simply not possible in aluminum; moving material to the rim while reducing overall weight. This gives it a light airy feel with incredibly long spin times.

Each Citizen was made with many hours of labor, love, and attention right here in-house in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Every single minute of machining was monitored, measured and scrutinized. Every half was hand polished. They have been checked, and re-checked. We could not have put more effort into assuring these were the most amazing yo-yos we could possibly make. There are one hundred and seventeen numbered Citizens in this run (there will not be another run).”

Releasing Friday, Aug 7th @ 8PM EST!


So sexy, but too rich for my blood :frowning:

You will be mine tomorrow!

Enough with the Titanium you is I want to see a Platinum Yoyo!

It appears that 17 were sold in less than 2 minutes! Wow!


I couldn’t get one :’( :-[

Sorry, I’ve been absent from the forums for a while … am I reading this correctly that these are already sold out (not surprising), and that there will not be another run? (very surprising!)

Were all 117 sold, or were only a subset of that released at this point? If all 117 are gone, will there be no future runs at all, or just no more “numbered” runs?

All 117 sold .

No more future runs .


Yeah, i mean why bother making more of the, in One Drops own words, best yoyo they’ve ever made?

Obviously the whole batch selling out in ten minutes means there is no market for this yoyo.

Its not like Sovereigns are still fetching more than retail. Or that people posted WTB threads at $360 directly after this yoyo sold out. Total BS. You own the machinery, roll out another 120. We shouldn’t have to deal with scalpers or “collectors” to get a yoyo that came out a week ago.

Big pile of bogus from One Drop.

Someone’s unhappy they missed out. ^

I’m just thankful OneDrop took the time to make over 100. It’s not that easy, and they have other projects going on behind the scenes.

EDIT: I’m not unhappy ;D

Isn’t there an aluminum version of the Citizen in the works? Thought I heard that somewhere?

I doubt it. The whole point of the yoyo was to do a design that can’t be done in aluminum, as opposed to something generic they could turn/mold out of anything they had around.

Agreed, ~120 for a run of Titaniums is very impressive considering the amount of work that went into them. I mean let’s not forget how they were made:


Can you imagine the amount of knives that Paul must have gone through?! Talk about tooling costs…

Considering how these were made it would have taken at least 15 years to make.