One drop benchmark H shape VS YYF genesis

Thank you in advance for your honest response :smiley:

I’ve personally never played any of these throws, but I’ve read many, many great things about the OD benchmarks. Getting one word definitely be fine and save you the extra money.

Okay thank you so much for your answer!

Your better off buying a genesis from the BST since yyf rarely holds value. Also would wait for the 7075 genesis if you’re gonna get one and pass on the cheap one. I think they’re looking to add it to their new cheap metals line as well for the year so wouldn’t be too surprised to see a genesis for $50 eventually.

Get a benchmark and watch the BST for a cheap genesis is what I’d do.

There is a new genesis coming, but it is not planned to be a budget throw I believe

I appreciate your answers i think i will go with the benchmark ! :slight_smile: