Ondřej Horák - Horizontal grinds II and Get Lucky


Horizontal grinds II

Get Lucky


Really good stuff, Ondřej!

Envious of your horizontal finger grinds! I have to do mine at a pretty noticeable angle (15 degrees or so) or it just wobbles out on me.

Really cool elements in there-- like tilting with the string to near-horizontal before switching into a horizontal combo (versus just throwing horizontal). Some good techniques in there that I would steal if I had the skill to pull them off. :wink:




Thank you both guys :slight_smile:
and 2GregP - Don´t steal, just borrow it ;D :smiley: With Duncan Strix which I use in these videos you have to do it really horizontal, because it is not so deep in the middle, but it is what I prefer and it looks better in my opinion :slight_smile:


Yes, it looks way better to be horizontal! If the Strix has an “indent”, that explains it. :smiley:


It hasn´t any special “indent” just flat place in the middle like for example Echo has :wink: Its the same, so you have to throw it more horizontal because it slide down from a finger otherwise.


I remember watching this a while back on Youtube. Amazing stuff! You could probably give Ethan Wong a run for his money some day. I’ve never been able to do a fingerspin for more than a few seconds and I’ve rarely managed to bind it. Then again, that might have something to do with he fact that all my metal yoyos have extruding axle hubs XD


2Hendy - Haha, thank you much :slight_smile: and you are right, yoyos without hubs are quite better for this :smiley:



I am truly inspired by this. This is very very cool. Wow.


2SaltySalvador - Thank you man :slight_smile: