On my way with 2A


Sorry if I mention a competing store. But they don’t sell anything online.

Learning Express in Roseville hosted 2A National Champion Joseph Harris for 2A lessons. I paid for lessons for myself and my son. $10, each. Cheap. Totally worth it. Small group too, just myself, my son and 3 other kids. Excellent ratio.

I bought some Unleashed yoyos, which through my limited experience with 2A, are my favorites, but these were for my son. I bought a single green one for myself. I already have a red, blue, light blue and white one(all paper caps), and I recently had to go elsewhere to mail order a second white one with paper caps, so that’s on the way. My son chose to go with 2 orange ones with the plastic graphic caps.

We didn’t go over a whole lot. Forward pass for a foundation for basic inside loops. Hop the fence, which I’m having difficulties with, but that’s OK, I got what I need to work on it. Cross-over, outside loops were covered too as well a around the world, which is the basis for cross-over.

2A is so radically different than 1A style. The videos here are good, but honestly, if you can get help from someone in person on this style, I strongly recommend it. Get your foundation solid and set up properly so you can avoid bad habits that can be difficult to break. Then, use the videos to re-inforce and then expand upon what you’ve learned.

I’m feeling good now. I can do 1A. I can do a little 4A and 5A. 2A, I’m feeling good about now, but this one is going to take some serious time and effort, which I’m willing to put in. 3A, I think I’m gonna be on my own for that, but that’s OK. My objective to have some competency in the 5 major styles took a major leap forward today. I can work on 1A, 4A and 5A on my own for a while. Now with a kick-start on 2A, that’s just more to add into my practice sessions.

Sorry, no “blog” entry. Been busy. If it’s “wanted”, or “Desired”, PM me to motivate me.


As far as I’m concerned, mentioning physical stores [that has no online store] is completely fine.

The learning curve is really steep, I’ll tell you that. You will go through weeks, if not months of constant practice just to get inside loops correctly. That’s natural…just keep at it. You got it.
I’m in the process of learning too sooo let’s do this!