2A is fun!

I’ve just recieved my 2 new 808 yoyos! I’ve tried 2A with a Velocity, but it wasn’t that good. I’ve spent the last 2 hours practicing and I can now do about 9 loops with my right hand (dominant hand) and 4 with my left. Simultaneously I can only do 2. So what’s the moral of this story? Try different styles. Don’t just stick with one - it gets boring. (At least to me) If you try other styles, I think you will have a better grasp of how yoyoing is so diverse and intricate. You don’t have to break the bank or anything, just go for the starter/cheaper yoyos.

2A is awesome. Nothing in yo-yoing is more rewarding than learning 2-handed inside loops.

Good for you, don’t quit!

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What about 2A punching bags?

Ah 2A… I have many fond memories of 2A… Memories… And treasures…

I’m planning on learning them as soon as I can today

Ive looped since a child! I used torun around the house throwin a duncan around pretendin like i was spiderman hahaha, when i got back into throwing i was looping (before i knew we could do all this crazy crap lolz)