Learning 2A


Hey I was just wondering how long it took to learn 2A?


I mean how long it took for you guys to learn it.


Been working hard at it since March. I got some pointers from Elephark, which helped a lot. Got some lessons from Joseph Harris in August, now it’s really coming together. I still have a long ways to go.

Still working in minimal basics. It’s harder to learn than 1A. However: Disclaimer: It takes me way longer than average to get proficient at stuff here, so you may do a lot better, faster.


I am just getting into both hands at the same time but to that point it took me 1 year on and off so about 4 months


I started at the beginning of April and was able to do about 30 two-handed loops by the end of may.

That was with at least an hour of practice each night, learning proper looping technique,learning to consistently do 50-100 loops with each hand independently, then getting the timing and technique down for doing those loops with both hands simultaneously.

It was the most frustrating and challenging time I’ve had with yoyoing, but I’m glad I learned it.


This thread has been up in an attempt to have a single 2A-related thread so people won’t have to keep searching for many 2A threads

Anyway, I’ve been working on my loops since February. My main focus is on my right hand. Inside loops are almost natural and I’m on my way on mastering outside loops and hop the fences.
It’s about a matter of time until I get those right and work on all looping tricks on one hand.

My left hand can wait.