on eBay ENDS TONIGHT: CLYW Puffin, 12x yoyo lot, 2x FHZ, 2x Diffusion

Love this CLYW confetti OG Puffin, but now it can be yours:


12 yoyos, mostly plastics

  1. Yoyorecreation Diffusion, red, first run and tuned
  2. Yoyorecreation Diffusion, yellow, first run and tuned
  3. Yoyofactory metal (steel) whistling yoyo
  4. Yoyofactory Velocity, green
  5. Yoyofactory Protostar, red
  6. Yoyofactory WHiP, green
  7. Yoyofactory Plastic Grind Machine, dyed pink
  8. Peter Fish Luminator
  9. Yoyojam Big Ben, green
  10. Yoyojam Big Ben, custom painted by John Higby
  11. Yoyojam Journey, purple
  12. Yoyojam Chaser, white


2x modded Duncan FHZ, one small bearing and one large bearing, so good !


2x new YYR Diffusions



again, please