OMG! Sili Stickers coming out of my YYF's

I had one of those tez-o rings by taka.
FLew out of my yoyo in 2 peicies while doing a bind.

Change of temperature, humidity change, excess solvents or lubricants in your bearing leaking. There are many things that can effect adhesives. Make sure the groove is clean before installing, clean out any excess gunk and wipe with something dry to remove any string dust. Fyi yuuki was using (poorly installed) flowable silicone at scr :). Looking for extra grip on your flowable? Scratch up the bottom of the recess. On the severe you will see a lazer mark to do that job :slight_smile:

just use flowable sillycpne it works better in dv888s anyway

Silicone isn’t Duct Tape, therefore doesn’t stay forever.