I AM HAPPY!! So today is Easter… and usally I just get a easter basket but waiting in that basket a a Black and Green LYN FURY!!! THANKS GRAMDMA!!!

EDIT: I put in YYJ sili pads and K-pads so it’d fill-- THIS IS AMAZING!

when I went to my friends house his skyline was in one of my eggs and he said’‘oooops that shouldnt be there’‘me:’‘Why,why,why,why,why,whyWhy,why,why,why,why,why’’ :’(


I just got a little fuzzy hedgehog plush doll thing some candy and 25 bucks.

Nothing ;D

And I’m loving it :wink:

I got about $5.00.
I am saving it to buy a good all-metal.

Nothing also.

Not really lovin’ it, though. I like free stuff…usually.

haha thats great evan! My brother has a green and black lyn as well lols. Yesterday i was silicone recessing it, and while i was playing, the silicone came out rofl. Grats! Is it smooth?

The same happened when I siliconed my Speed Maker.

And you guys get a lot of stuff for easter. We don’t give presents during easter. We just eat chocolate eggs.

im 22 and i still get chocolate of my mum and dad and grandparents at easter! lol id prefer a new yo though! haha yo got lucky this year! my grandma wouldnt have the first idea when it comes to yoyos, she still thinks that rock the baby is as far as yoyos go lol!

that sucks man XD
well worst for me… i got nothing

i got candy and 140 dollars my parents want me to use it for clothes but im tryin to convince them to let me geta CUlater by alchemy