bac hauls thread

What did you buy? What did you trade? What was your haul from the comp?
i got a
So what did you get?

Capitalization and punctuation. They’re gonna change the world.

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I got:

100 count YYSL
YoYoJam H3X!
YoYoJam X-con Pro
YoYoJam Fiesta XX
YoYoJam Go Big
YoYoJam Surge! New proto!
KendamaUSA Pill
Sweets Kendama
YoYoExpert Contest T-shirt! I got 2!
Unknown Descender Yoyo Holster
Unknown Descender T-Shirt!
Takeshi Dice
Bryan’s Auto Graph
Andre’s Auto Graph
JD’s Auto Graph
Eric Køløski’s Auto Graph
A hug from “Supbreh” :* ::slight_smile:
The honor to beat the best girl player ever (Ann Connolly!) and one of the best throwers around (YoyoJordan, other wise known as Jordan Shen!) and the honor of placing 59th place out of 100 people!

How is the Surge? I heard from a couple people its cool, I really want to see some more pics of it.

It’s Great! I just wish it where wider :slight_smile:

Wasn’t at BAC but I did get a couple things picked up from a friend. I got a nickel Silly Goose and a black with green/blue/pink splash Sine//saw and a recrev shirt



I got a beautiful and super sweet yoyo, a blue Silly Goose from RecRev. It is so awesome I love it!!! I tried about two dozen yoyos (this is my first contest so I was super hyped) an my mom said I could get one under $100, but I was gonna choose the Silly Goose anyway :smiley: I came home to two yoyos in the mail, a Supernova and Genesis. Love them both. I also met Guy Wright in the hot dog line, super nice I should’ve gotten his autograph :smiley:

How on earth do you guys buy this many yoyos at once? Do your parents just hand you 200 bucks and say “here, go buy a bunch of yoyos?”

Sweet DAY!

Picked up a Orange Summit, Black and Silver Werrd Hour, pack of Ammo, black spikes, purple and orange domes. And then I won a $50 gift cert. and 100 pk of kitty string form the Raffle, and a second 10 pk of ammo.

the competition was amazing!

Photos added

You guys are lucky sadly I don’t live near any comps.

Might be a bit of a shocker, but there are people who can actually manage to acquire their own money and spend it how they like.


Ahhhh I abolished the 1 yoyo rule! Got a nice Crucial Dulce, 30 YYSL AMMO (amazing, amazing string), a Sweets Kendama (sweeeeet), 4 buddha ripple bearings for 20, a YYE Contest shirt, a Crucial Grooved bearing, and a Crucial Holder.

Twas beautiful…

I got the pleasure of crying after seeing what people got.

Anybody want to sell/trade me their @ or sine//saw??? I have benn wanting one for sooo long!

This is what I got:

yeah! How’d you do it?

That’s my problem. I buy pretty much all of my own yoyos, but I usually don’t have much money due to the fact that I’m too young to have a job. Luckily though it’s almost summer, so I’m gonna try to start a lawn mowing business, and that might give me a little cash.

Just combined reasoning from the thread. In fact, I can get 2 more yoyos this year! AWESOMENESS! Dude, the Dulce I picked up is PERFECT for me. Beast at horizontal, 69 grams, but the shape keeps it fast while have 69 grams of powerful sleeping! It just clicks for me!

A hug from iyoyo58

An almost stolen phoen from yoyoerforlifeluke2013

A trick compliment from yoyojordan

A mint 7075 catalyst soghned by augie
A near mint supernova
AN avant garde
A c3halo for $11 dollars! Still hate the thing though.
A new siver blasted maverick

almost had it and the looper