Older One Drop Models


A friend of mine and I have been rather interested in collecting the older OD models lately. So far, I’ve managed to find a Y-Factor, Dingo, Cafe Racer, Yelets, 54, Paul Dang, and M1. I also see a surprising number of people looking for the M1, Dingo, and Projects… especially the M1 and Projects.

For me, I’m relatively late to the yoyo game, and I’m a huge OD fan. It’s interesting to play the older yoyos because I can see how yoyos have evolved and actually feel what premium yoyos were like, say, 10 years ago. No doubt my experience has been colored by starting out with more modern designs.

Older yoyos seem a little unstable and may not spin as long, but that’s part of their charm. The mid to high walls certainly provide some challenges, but I’m hoping that design feature helps me improve faster. I’m glad I have them in the collection.

Anyone else find their collecting/play involves these older models?


I really like my OG Avalanche and rec rev 1st gen octave! At first I didn’t like the og Avalanche as much as the comeback, but now I really enjoy both :slight_smile:


I tend to favor what they call the “organic” shape, it’s all I basically play. In fact the last “new” release in my collection is the HSPIN Gorylla. I really love my legacy collection.




The majority of my collection, and pretty much all I play, are what most would consider “old” yoyos. The Markmont Project is one of my favorites…thanks Grendel ;D


Your most welcome sir!
Really, how often do you get to do a deal like that.


My M1 is in my pocket right now. Probably the best all around “pocket” yoyo I’ve owned.


Andy_B joined us for lunch the other day and we were talking about this. Such a cool development that we have been around long enough for this to happen.

We will probably release some older models (don’t get too excited it won’t be Projects) as a legacy series thing.

Thanks all for love - old and new.


This is good news!


Been saying this for years! M1 only with side effects!


That would be awesome!


Anything other than ultralights would make an M1 feel super heavy, no? I may be totally wrong about this.


It’s all preference :slight_smile:


I always remembered mine as pretty light, and the inserts are made out of brass, so side effects might work out.


The M1 is still totally legit.

I also still love and play the Y-Factor a fair bit too - totally baller design.


I have an original MarkMont Project I may or may not part with :o