Oldedges is a stand up guy!!!

We had a little conflict and I was definitely being rude… It was back and fourth but when all was said and done… All though I didn’t deserve crap from this guy he is sending me an eneme he modded himself for free!!! Wow man!! Never expected that!! Great guy he will never scam you no worries with him!! (Bye the way this issue had nothing to do with scamming… His feedback should speak for it’s self… On that but I was saying that don’t worry about a thing with this guy he is beyond great!!!)



So you argue, he sends you a free yoyo, SUPPOSEDLY, as you haven’t gotten it, and now he is not a scammer?

Cool story bro now make me a sand which ;D

Why would you even think he was a scammer? The fact that he sent a yoyo for whatever the altercation was has nothing to do with him scamming anyone.

Besides the fact that he’s been on the forums longer than you, I can vouch for him. Just got a few yoyo’s from him, everything went just fine.

He never scammed me!! Sorry didn’t mean to imply that… I was just saying he’s awesome for doing that!!!

Update he just sent me the tracking receipt not only is it come it’s coming priority mail he paid 6 extra bucks for that!!! The eneme was posted in his bst for 55$ which he is giving to me for free!!! Great guy!!

Definitely give him positive feedback then. Sounds like the situation warrants it.

He sounds nice-

Please remove the “scam” part at the end.

For 2 reasons- this had nothing to do with a scam.

And 2-

Most likely will not happen, but you can not predict the future and say “he will not scam you…”

I have dealt with Oldedges back on YYN (like 4 years ago haha).

The dude is great!

Thanks for all the kind words guys (except Bcmaddog ;D ) I can assure you it is happening. I felt the Chistmas spirit. And Bcmaddog, I notice now that you have posted in my BST. What are you thinking? That maybe if you start some trouble with me I’ll send you a yoyo? ROTFLMAO I’ll save you some trouble…It AINT gonna happen. I’m still laughing just thinking about it! And Brandon - I threw a little extra in for you. Merry Christmas!

See what I mean guys!!! Stand up guy straight up!!! A little extra?!!! I’m excited!!! I’m leaving the he will never scam you part because I know for a fact no doubt that he will never scam anyone even if he had to pay three times over he’s completely honest!! This dude is an awesome guy!! Sorry that I was ever rude I feel so bad!! He honestly won’t even let me pay him or anything he said just make him a post like this and it’ll all be good!!! I wish I could do something more for this man!! He is awesome!!! Changed the way I look at things for sure!!! Thanks Mike!!

Just got my free package from oldedges… He sent me an eneme a yoyos keels stalker a g5 and a kick side for free!!! What the heck dude!! Your freaking amazing!!! I don’t even know what to say!!!

I can’t find enough great things to say about “Old Edges”. Haven’t done business with him in a while, but I always loved it when I did. He was always very helpful to me when I was just getting started on the forums.

Great Guy all around.

Hope your feeling better these days, and I look forward to some potential trades in the future.

Take care.

Oldedges is T.A. approved:


I’m feeling better than I have in years! I got a new liver and come to find out, I didn’t know how sick I was. Thanks for the kind words. And TotalArtist, It’s been awhile but it’s always been a pleasure!