Oldedges - A Pro, no nonsense trader!

I have to begin by saying that I never thought I would buy any “used” throws from the B/S/T. I read all the horror stories about people getting scammed, and transactions that people are not satisfied with. Also, I just don’t like things that have been beat up, messed over, or people playing games by not telling you that original parts were switched out. They list as “mint” when they know the item does not look new and has scratches on it. Some people figure that if you are interested in something and don’t ask those details…why should they tell you the real deal about it upfront? I like to do business with a straight shooter. I was browsing through the forum and I saw a few deals that I was interested in, so I figured…why not? I decided to give it a try, but limit things to Paypal transactions as a buyer. I like my throws new, but I’m fairly new to yo-yoing, so I missed out on some great throws that are no longer for sale. I thought it would be cool to go back in time and buy some nice ones I missed.

I noticed Oldedges feedback count, his posts are concise and to the point, and photos are clear. I also noticed that overall, he takes very good care of his throws…just like me. I have a case of throws I don’t mind beating up, but I keep the majority in excellent condition. I bought a few of his throws now, and I noticed that most of the time he indicates the price he wants right in the thread. I like it when someone tells me what they want, and we can negotiate a bit from there. If I decide that I want it, I will counter-offer extremely close to the requested price anyway, or just buy at the requested price.

I bought several from him so far, including a Y-Factor and a Project by One Drop. Both are currently unavailable outside of a trade. The deals always went like this:

I offered in a PM. He accepted. I paid via Paypal. Deal done. Feedback submitted.

Seriously, just no nonsense each time. Also, he responds to messages within a reasonable time. Nothing worse than PMing someone a serious offer, ready to pay, and people wait several days to acknowledge the message. It makes you lose confidence in dealing, and increases the possibility you will move on and find another deal. It just takes you out of a buying mood altogether.

The fact that he makes quality posts, lists the prices he wants upfront, responds to messages quickly, accepts reasonable offers, is honest about the condition of the throws, packs items well for shipment, ships fast with tracking…makes him easy to deal with. He changed my mind about buying used throws, and while I still prefer to get them new, if I can’t, it’s good to know there are some trustworthy traders out there.

Thanks for the good deals Oldedges!

(Just curious…does he have the highest feedback count on here?) Post if you know. Thanks.

I think Jayyo might have the highest feedback with 97 http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=619

Wow…that is a lot :o. I haven’t seen more than that, so you are probably right.

I have to agree with the OP, Oldedges was a great person to do business with, and the only person I’ve ever bought from.