Old School Yo'r getting used to unresponsive play, wants something heavier.

OK I was worried for a minute but I think I’m getting it. It took me a half hour before I did my first bind, but now I think I got it. I had a Custom Yo Yo probly 15 years ago ( omg I’m old ), allways had fun with it but never was serious. I liked having a metal yo that I could do a few tricks with and relieve a little stress.

Just got my new Whip yesterday and I can do the same tricks I could do with my Custom but they are easier. But then I still have to bind after the trick and that is a challenge. The thing I don’t like about the Whip is is seem too light. I ordered a Dark Magic II last night and hopefully I will like the extra wieght.

That’s my complaint with the WHIP: too light.

The DM2 is a lot heavier. I think you’ll like not only the extra weight, but WHERE the extra weight is as well.

Confirmed… I love my DM2 as well, it seems to be a very popular and versatile throw, both for responsive and unresponsive play. I put a crucial grooved bearing in mine and it’s amazing, but the YYJ speed bearing is nothing to sneeze at.

Yeah, I should have bought the DM2 as my first unresponsive yo, but I decided to try a whip since they are so cheap… I can’t wat to try my DM2

I agree. The Whip, at $10, it’s like a “can’t lose” item. If you love it, then “yay, $10 beater in the collection”. If you hate it, then it’s “well, it was only $10”. But I think your method of progressing is sound: start cheap to move out of your safety zone to test the waters of unresponsive play, then time to upgrade.

Don’t lose the WHIP. If you want to see if you’re doing good, bust that bad boy out again and see if you can still do your awesome tricks on it. My thoughts are that every yoyo serves a purpose, adding some element to your “game” by making you improve or change something, often for the better.

My DM2 is still my preferred go-to yoyo. Even with many $100+ yoyos, it’s still my #1.

I just got the Whip last night played with it for 3 hour then I decided to order DM2. I think the Whip is too light but I really like the fact that I dont have to worry about it. I have allready hit the ground with it. As my skills improve it might be easier to play with even thought it is light.

I ordered the DM2 in the Special Edition with the Black metal, I hope it is just as good as everyone says the DM2 regular edition is?