Old School Throws: Titanium - Tungsten Bimetal

Congrats! Seeing your own yoyo listed here is an amazing feeling, especially after ads for your own yoyo start following you around the internet :laughing:


I like those specs, looking forward to trying this one!


Any updates?

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Yep! Planning to release this Saturday.


Nice! Looking forward to it


Excellent! Thank you!

Very excited to see them on the store :innocent::star_struck:


Hello all!

Our next project is something I’ve had in the works for quite some time and I’m happy to announce it is finally in production. For those of you who have followed along from the beginning of Old School Throws, you know that Derts are incredibly special to me and Russ was previously the only person to release a yoyo in high quantities that had a Tungsten rim.

The Medallion that we released last summer featured a 6061 body with a tungsten copper alloy rim. When talking about play, it is generally understood that a titanium body with stainless steel rims offers a great amount of rim weight and I wanted to take that a step further and incorporate the same tungsten copper alloy we used onto a titanium body.

In keeping with the name Old School Throws, I wanted to make a model that both pushes yoyo design and holds true to our goal of producing yoyos reminiscent to those of the past. This model is essentially an upgrade of the Resto, the slimline bimetal we produced a few years back.

The Resto is something I am quite proud of and those who have tried one can speak to how stable it is for the incredibly narrow width. The same goal was in mind for this model with much more extreme weight placement and use of materials. The specs on this next model, tentatively named the ResTi-W, are as follows:

Diameter: 53.1 mm
Width: 29.7 mm
Gap: 4.3 mm
Weight: 55 g

The purpose of the light weight is to not have the yoyo feel clunky on the rims. Often, small yoyos with the same weight as full sized yoyos feel heavy due to the smaller frame. I’ll upload some renders later and am excited to get these out into the world.


They’re finally in, here’s a first look at the ResTi-W :eyes:


Coming S👀N ?

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Indeed, packaging is being made, release date soon :hushed::hushed:


Bearing size? Is this a responsive throw? How much do the rims weigh apart from the body?

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It’s unresponsive and uses a standard c bearing. The body is ~15g and the ring ~11g.


I’ve always wondered about a tungsten yoyo, glad you made one

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Happy to announce that after many months, the ResTi-W will finally be available to the world in early June. Here are a few pics for your entertainment :smiley:


@mrciurleo they look amazing :heart:

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The ResTi-W will be en route to @YoYoExpert tomorrow and is releasing in limited quantities tonight on our site :slightly_smiling_face:


So is it titanium with tungsten weight rings?

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Yup, it’s the same copper tungsten alloy we used for the Medallion!

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