New Release from Old School Throws - The CONFLUENCE!

This is the 5th model release from Old School throws, and the 1st one available here at YoYoExpert - The Confluence!

As the name suggests, the Confluence is a combination of a few of Old School Throws past models. It features the simple and elegant cup design from the Resto and is overall a scaled up version of the Medallion. The Confluence features a 6061 aluminum body with stainless steel rings to improve weight distribution. It has a comfortable feel in the hand, a fast and light feel in play, and some clean simple lines that really give it a beautiful look!

This is Old School Throws first take on a full sized organic bimetal and it is an absolute joy to throw!

Releasing Saturday 10/10 @ 8PM EDT.


Shape, specs, and colors all look tasty on this one!


This looks kinda amazoid.

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An organic bi metal… that might be my dream, any idea of price on this one??

Scratch that, I see it!