Old Museum is Back

I don’t know if you have noticed, but my “moldy, oldie” museum is back, yoyodave.com. Several people missed it … nostalgia I think. So I’ve been playing with putting it back online. It is a dinosaur. When i updated the copyright, I realized it was first written over 20 years back. And most of it is still the original hand coded HTML. Nothing like the slick and polished Museum of Yo-Yo History.

Still, some fun stuff, besides the museum pages. The old Skilltoys store banners. Tons of pictures archived on the OLD Dave’s Yo-Yo Talk Web Board. Ron Caswells computer yoyo art gallery. Screen savers, music, all kinds of stuff.

And the Big Surprise is the Store … Click there. Could Skilltoys.com be back?

I have links to my “Most Wanted” Collectibles. And a link of things “For Sale or Trade”. I will be updating the For Sale stuff a lot in the next few weeks. So check back from time to time. Enjoy.

For Sale or Trade

Dave’s Most Wanted Collectibles

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