Old CLYW Axles

Old CLYW axles are so big that I could see the weight difference of axle materials noticeably affecting how they feel. The axles in my Chief and Glacier Express are both the black alloy (I’m assuming this is just a type of aluminum?). Has anybody tried the steel axles? Are they heavier than the alloy axles? People always mention that they like how floaty the Chief feels, so in this instance I could see people actually preferring a heavier axle.

I guess I can just buy some and find the answer out myself, but I’m curious if anybody else has tried them.

It’s probably black oxide, which is a coating that can be applied to steel and is common for steel yoyo axles: Black oxide - Wikipedia


Interesting, thanks for saving me 6 bucks then. I’m assuming the weight difference between the two will be almost negligible. The only yoyo I’ve ever had with a black axle beyond old CLYWs was a 4A yoyo, so I assumed it might’ve been a weird legacy material.