Oklahoma Meet over the Weekend =)

Well, we had an Oklahoma City meet this last weekend. We’ll hopefully be making a post for the next one whenever it is. This time I remembered to bring my camera (thanks to Casey :P) and filmed like 4 and a half hours of it. Because I’m too lazy, the entire thing is from one or two angles, minus Brad’s stealing of the camera :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting it all piled into one video for people that want to watch some of it, and if anybody wants the .wmv or the original .mts files to make a more brief and better video, send me a message over AIM. I’ll edit this post when I get the video(s) up.

Anywho, it went very well. Larry and Doug got to come, maybe a bit late but oh well. Larry is learning binding :smiley: I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for this, but Doug got the new TT’s and they are AMAZING looking. Tanner (Brad’s brother) and I messed around with some 4a mobius :stuck_out_tongue: and then got Derek to try some 3a mobius and actually succeeded. :smiley: Brad got some more BBYY, suprise suprise, like a painted Bully that he’s happy to have, plus a GM2 and some others. Connor got to come again from Arkansas with his dad. Quite a few other people came and we just had a great time. Can’t wait and hope I can go to the next one. :smiley:

I hope you can too!