Oklahoma Meet!!!!!

We will hold this meet Saturday, October 24th at noon at the usual location.

Look here for the location and address!


We will be having a few friends coming from out of state for this so bring all your yo’s. Brian from Kansas and possibly a few others from there and also

The World Champion Larry KilbyFrom Texas!!!

Its looking like the 24th. Maybe next weekend if Brian doesn’t care.

Who all lives in OKC there? I can come out Friday afternoon because I have a noon dismissal, but SOMEBODY has to have ESPNU or else I’m not coming until Saturday. (Our high school is playing out rivals, ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!! BOOM!!!)

Oh and my parents would probably want to talk to you because they’re…over-protective like that.

We have quite a few different flavors of yoyoers here. Mostly young and learning. Derek Bond should be there as well as Brad M of course. Doug from Big Brother will be there as well. Toby Ratcliffe,who makes some killer string, will be there as well. Then there are a few people that havn’t been in the yoyoing world for a while that I am trying to coherse into coming. Like John Hornbeck. He had better make it this time!

Ill try to come down.

Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll post this on all the forums.

What lodging is there? Where could we stay?

Motel 6 is probably the cheapest place. I have no room but the more the cheaper! Get a few guy’s in one room and make em all pay! I’ll try to help with the cost too.

Yay! Brian and his friend made it here!

That was so awesome!!! Oh man I can’t wait till MOYO now!

Yeah I know. It’s going to be so awesome. Can’t wait until the next meet too.

I’m glad you had a blast! More fun next time. Better planned and all!

Yay! And maybe a lack of sickness too?

The next one will be his last. It may be in about three weeks. I’m letting him set the date. No more sickness!