Oklahoma meet up

We haven’t had a meet up in Oklahoma in a while thought we would go ahead and see what we can get together. I live in Ada so I am not in OKC to find a good location. What we have done before is just meet up in bricktown and hang out there. We can do this unless there is a better suggestion.

The next thing to figure out is when do we want to do it most likely a Saturday.

I will see who I can contact if you are interested post here and let me know and everyone else know that there is interest. We can figure out a date that would work with as many people as possible.

Update: ok its going to be July 28, 2012. Hang out in bricktown and meet at the bass pro shop parking lot near the land run monument at 10am.

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alright . sat sounds good. and we could do it in brick town that would be pretty cool. but i could get kinda hot depending on when we do it. so we will have to see about the weather. but i can see if i can find anymore yoyoers in oklahoma to tell this too

A Saturday would work best for me and as long as I have a week or two notice I should be able to make it.

yey!! one we get a date set ill let u know but for now its up to the leader i guess haha. cuz i have no contacts it oklahoma besides the guy that made this post



I will try to make it to this event if i can whenever it gets goin…it’s been awhile since we’ve had a gathering here in Oklahoma.

sounds good man. we are working on it =D

im make a thread like this one in a couple other areas of yye so we can get the word out. btw if your interested in going when we get it set up. end me a pm on here or utube (omacification) so i can see how many people are gona come. so ya


Ok currently I am thinking the 28th or Aug 11th. These are the days that are good for me.

im free the 28 and maybe the 11 . have u found a place?

<—Toby Here

The last successful one we had was at Pole Position. That place is rather vacant with spurts of crowds who come in, do a couple of races, and then leave. They didn’t have a problem with us last time, and I doubt they would barely notice if we did it again. Derrik, if you could call ahead to make sure it would be nice to not be blasted by the Oklahoma sun all day.

I can make it to either of those days with a preference of the 28th of July. Let me text Crazy Larry and see if he could make it up.

sweet! good thing we getting some people wanting too11!! and im free for the 28.

Larry is a go. Let me reach out on Facebook to see if there are any more.

so far we have me derrik larry and toby all wanting to go. and two possible others on this thread. btw hornbeck and Ndnjosh u guys still wanting to go?

Larry also said he preferred bricktown.

hmm . that could work but. the parking costs i think and its pretty hot lol. but im good for bricktown .

For bricktown we usually meet at the bass pro shop parking lot.

Oklahoma Centennial land run monument on the map is were we would park and hang out for a bit then go walk around brick town from there. Parking was usually pretty empty on that side.

Looks like the 28th is the date josh let me know that was the best date for him.

Yep, there is a bench on the sidewalk by the end of the parking lot. If it gets too hot there waiting for people we go under the bridge for shade.