Another Oklahoma Meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doug's Last Chance!

This will be Doug Spence’s last meet since he is moving to Minnesota.

Saturday the 14th!! Less than two weeks. This is his going away party!!!

Show up and have fun with us! Same place as usual. We’ll start it at 10:00 am this time.

any questions just ask or pm me.

Yay! Can’t wait!

wow. i used to live in oklahoma and nobody was throwing there. now that i moved i find all these throwers that do live in oklahoma. :’(

When did you live in Oklahoma? We’ve been having contests since 2004. Adam Brewster started it all!

well looks like i wasn’t very informed back then. i lived there about 2 years ago. but i was barely throwing. i just had some cheap fixed transaxle that i would attempt do some looping and then i just quit. now i’m back.

Where did you live?