Okami fans of YYE

(Jei Cheetah) #1


Okami! A super fun and very unique game that I am sure many of you know about.

Curious if there are any other fans of this game?

The animation and art style of this game always impresses me, and its story is very very unique to me and special.

Share fave moment, cool artwork you find, etc.

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(DOGS) #2

Okami was a gorgeous game with interesting gameplay, but it suffered a tiny bit from being too easy. I blasted through the game fairly quickly, but did replay it a few times simply for the music and visuals. Okami seriously has one of my absolute favorite video game soundtracks, to the point that I actually bought the 5 disc set. Minus some flounders, it felt much more genuine on the Wii than PS2, and is truly a representative of what the system could deliver at the time.

If there is ever a version at some point in time that could deliver the same feeling as the original, but more challenging, I’d be all over it.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #3

I got it for the ps2 and I still haven’t played it yet. It seems like my kind of game though.


I remember playing it on the PS2 years ago.

I really don’t remember much about it.

I did enjoy it though.


It was a beautiful game, the sequel wasn’t too bad either. It’s not really unique though. The style of play was really reminiscent of LoZ.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Not really actually.


Okami is my favourite game. It, along with Final Fantasy X, was the reason I finally bought a console (PS2) a few years ago.



I only purchased a PS2 for Kingdom Hearts Series.

Now I need a PS3 for KH3…


If you look around there’s a pretty common consensus that it’s gameplay style is like LOZ. That’s actually what the creaters were trying to do

(DOGS) #10

The game /definitely/ has a LoZ atmosphere, and everything after that is a modification of such.

The constrained combat system was always something that really disappointed me, and I really wished early on that at some point they would leak into the overworld, but never did. I get that there was a tradeoff between rendering the scene, and rendering enemies, and the former is more worthwhile for this kind of game, but with new system capabilities, I really want to see those demon scrolls gone in the future.

When you played the original, the demon scrolls were easy to avoid if you didn’t want a fight, and if you accidentally got sucked up by one, you felt stupid rather than challenged.