OK, what is a pinprick?

When yoyo damage is described as “pinprick”, what IS this, exactly?

I don’t know any way to damage a yoyo with only the tiniest pin-sized hole. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I just don’t know how. When I damage my throws, they get scuffed, scratched, or dinged.

What causes a pinprick and what does it look like?

You never have to know what a pinprick is if you throw over carpet

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Sure I do, if I want to buy a yoyo described as having “pinpricks”, I’m kind of curious what that means specifically (clearly it means “light damage”, but I’m interested in the specifics).

Also, throwing only over carpet isn’t my bag. I can’t even express how against my very nature this is. I carry a yoyo with me everywhere and will throw it anywhere (including a paved parking lot surface). That’s what makes me happy.

I’m not at all “worried” about pinpricks. I have plenty full-on scrapes and dings and they don’t bother me.

So, yeah… just curious what’s meant in a BST by the description “has a few small pinpricks”.

It pretty much means a minuet scratch.

Oh I’m not sure. Everyone has a different definition that’s why I solved it all by telling others if the Yoyo isn’t mint I don’t want it. You’d be surprised the things some people will say to make a pinprick sound less then it really is. Anyways I usually bring a Yoyo with me everywhere I go as well, just not bringing anything with me that would be hard to replace. And I do my best to throw over carpet only unless its either a beater or something I’m not to worried is hard to replace. The definitions you’ll get will probably each be different I’m guessing. I think about it like this a Yoyo is a investment. The longer its kept mint the longer you will have to play with it, the sooner a Yoyo is all beat up the sooner it’ll get dismissed, that’s just how I think about it if you want to get the most for your money then take care of the Yoyo. That’s just how I look at it.

I’ve always thought a pinprick to be an anno issue, where for instance the anno didn’t stick in between colors. This actually resembles a pin prick, as it’s a tiny dot where you can see the aluminum. If a yoyo is hit against the ground, more than likely it’ll cause a minor flat spot… be it smooth, rough, with or without color loss.

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Does this belong in BST??

It means a super duper small dent that you can’t see all that well, and maybe doesn’t go through the anno.


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Maybe not. I dunno. I asked here because I’m curious specifically as how relates to BST listings. I don’t really care if it gets moved, though.

If a moderator wants to move it, they will. This forum needs fewer mini-mods.

It happens when you graze a surface like pavement or concrete. It usually occurs on a straight downward shot. A ding tends to be from a break away throw as it piles up the “metal” towards the rotation of the yoyo. I think there should be a sticky of damage pics and definitions if nobody else is up to it I may undertake this myself.


Look at my link for my BST in my sig, my wooly marmot has a pin prick, and you can see clearly what it is.


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I always interpreted the term, used to describe damage, which resembles what might occur, if you took a pin (such as a safety pin), and made a prick on the surface of the yo-yo. The damage described should be no larger than the head of a pin. How deep or shallow the hole is, might be further described in detail, such as a “one pin prick that does not break through ano.”

Webster’s definition of a prick (for this context) is:
1 : a mark or shallow hole made by a pointed instrument

Usually, whatever the yo-yo hit, to cause the damage, had some tiny sharp bit on it’s surface to cause the damage.

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Thanks, all. So depth can be variable. Must be hard to spot pinpricks that don’t break ano! Magicman, thanks for the visual.

I get pinpricks if my yoyo would fall a few inches on gravel or stuff the rocks make tiny holes