Conditions of yoyos -defined

Can someone make a list of the terms used to describe a yoyo while selling on the bst?
I know for sure what a ding is, but not so sure what a flat spot is. Or when someone mentions Some damage that did not break the ano. Pin pricks? 5a marks? 3a marks? Any and all terms, I’d like to know specifics. Been surfing the bst a lot lately and many many times these damages often cannot appear on camera (so they say). I just want a clue or picture as to what these damages may look like. Thanks everyone.

This is a genius idea. If we had some great pictures and descriptions of yoyo conditions, it would be totally sticky worthy!

I already know what they all are, but you need pictures to teach someone properly. I do not have damaged throws, so I can’t post the pictures.

Great idea! I snapped some pics and am working on a guide right now.

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Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to this.

Here she is!