Oilers win lottery

I’m not complaining or anything, but how can the oilers get so many 1st overall picks?


How can who what?

How can the oilers (a hockey team) win the lottery that decides which team gets to pick first in the NHL entry draft.

Well, since they’re the second to the last place in the league that’s how it works. The chances of winning the lottery are weighted towards the teams at the bottom of the regular season standings. They are 29th and the Coyotes are 30th.

From wikipedia:

They’ve been given a chance to boost the quality of the team.

They were 3rd last, i think your forgetting about buffalo, or maybe I’m a derp, idk. But seriously they have such good luck. There was an 11.5 % chance of them winning this year. And they’ve won 4/6 lotteries in the last 6 years.

Looks like it changed since I last looked. In any event, it is a lottery and they won. Past history doesn’t seem to matter.

I know, they’re just really lucky I guess.

in this case, odds is odds… doesn’t matter year to year, each year their chance of getting it is exactly the percentage they are weighted with.

Over time it’ll all average out, trust the maths.


on a related note… if you get that many first picks, and you still suck so badly… we have to assume you’re actively trying to suck.


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Lol it’s just terrible management IMO. That should hopefully be fixed next year. Or the year after.

right, that’s what I was saying… you’re clearly doing something very wrong from the top down.

The best example of this is in baseball… the Pirates had 20 consecutive losing seasons, longest streak in north america in any sport.

Statistically it’s nearly impossible to do that without really trying hard… purely by chance they should have had a winning season somewhere in there.


Exactly. They just got a new GM or something so maybe they’ll do alright.