oiipryde (Jack) is an Amazing Trader!


With all this negative trader’s feedback, I felt that I should tell the most positive experience I’ve had on this forum so far.

So, I made a deal with Jack (oiipryde) a while ago. It was his Sasquatch for my Nessie. We figured out the deal, and we agreed to ship. However, Jack stated that he had been scammed before, so he wanted me to ship first. I was honestly a little skeptical at first. Having one feedback, doesn’t really reaffirm his if he was legit or not.

With this, I decided to contact SkareCrow, Jack’s only feedback at the time, about him. He said that Jack bought something from him, so he couldn’t reassure me that he was a legit trader.

Jack told me who scammed him and I did a little research about the scammer. It turns out that Jack was telling the truth about the scammer.

I finally decided to ship first. This was a huge risk on my part, but it paid off.

This is the part where I believe that Jack went above and beyond. After I gave Jack the tracking number, Jack told me that he would ship out the next day. The day following, I received a PM that said that he could not ship due to family issues. He then gave me a $20 YYE Giftcard as an apology! Jack later shipped one day later.

I don’t know about other forum members, but if I shipped one day later, the best that I would do is cough up a cheesy apology letter, but he gave me a $20 Giftcard!

In conclusion, I really appreciate what Jack did. Not only did he give me extras, he had excellent communication and shipping. He knew that I was skeptical about his trading records, so he made sure I felt safe trading with him. Thank You!


Trading with him now. Great guy!




Wow! Talk about going above and beyond! Well done, oiipryde =D