Oh my god we're having a FIRE.... sale! (some rare ones in here)


Pictures of individual throws available in this GDrive link:


Prices include shipping within the USA; international extra and I reserve the right to ship to forwarding services on a case-by-case basis.

Most prices OBO. Amenable to bundle deals, you’ll generally get about 10% off (perhaps more) if you purchase multiple throws. Throws/orders over $200 ship fully insured.

I believe I have the box for most of these if not pictured, but no guarantees.

Alex Hattori

  • SOLD Boost Squared, green/purple - $50, mint.


  • SOLD Dune, Summertide - $45, mint, fool’s gold. FG for either ano or a very very slight fingernail vibe

G-Squared (G2)

  • SOLD Reaper, Citrus Fade - $70, nmtbs, no box.

Jake Bullock

  • SOLD Slim Dunk, Red Nature Series (fire) - $50, 100% mint never assembled.

Kyo’s Toys

  • SOLD Tinman - $250, there is one spot on the inner part of one of the rims that the coating did not apply to or flaked off; i haven’t thrown this enough for it to be actual damage, it has spent 99% of it’s time in it’s container.

Old School Throws

  • SOLD Resto, clear - $50, mint, awesome bi-metal slimline, plays way better than it should.


  • SOLD Silver Bullet - $250, mint never played


  • Eclipse, TaurBaby painted - $25, there’s slight damage to the paint on one cap, mint otherwise


  • SOLD Radian MKII - $75, numerous pin pricks, comes w/ spacers and velvet bag. previous owner must’ve been a smoker as the laser engravings are a bit yellowed and there is yellowing on the velvet pouch.
  • SOLD Skyy Chaser, d-bearing version - $50 mint, new old stock from La Tienda del YoYo. Thrown less than five times, decided I didn’t enjoy it enough to keep.


  • SOLD 66% 888, rhodium plated - $100, literally mint in box
  • SOLD OG Boss, black - $50, mint.
  • SOLD Genesis (2010), YoYoExpert edition - $75, mint.
  • Marco, blue/silver - $35, has what seem to be 5A marks. plays great
  • Northstar, White GitD - $30, MiP. it’s a northstar, it glows in the dark. never thrown
  • SOLD Skyline, gold - $20, mint
  • Supernova 2013, blue/black acid - $40, mint
  • SOLD Superstar, gold - $30, one ding in the rim, from the re-release w/o hubstacks
  • Zodiac, black Monthly Throw - $20, mint


  • SOLD 66% Sleipnir, gold - $60, mint with box, no special 66% string


  • SOLD Hitman, orange marble - $45, standard slight cracking

Primarily looking to sell, but these are some trade interests:

  • A-RT Woodboy, Squib, Orphan
  • C3 Capless, Unit 03
  • G2 Project B
  • One Drop T1, P2
  • YoYoFactory blue rain Genesis

Just for reference, what did the EKG go for?


$65 shipped as part of a bundle deal :slight_smile:


Is the yeti 2.0 free with any purchase or only certain yo-yos ?

lmfao thank you for the video @Isaac :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Free with any purchase :slight_smile:

@HaruRay sweet eclipse in here

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Are you interested in trades???.
I may be interested in the Yoyofriends Sunbird.
Here what I have for trade,

Let me know.


Hey ya. Pm’d ya. Ty bud


Pm sent

Damn this man has a whole store


Cleaned up the thread/pics and added a whole bunch of stuff. Some additions to highlight:

  • Atmos Pomelo
  • CLYW BvM2
  • G2 TiShee
  • Kyo Tinman
  • Mowl Surveillance
  • YYR Chopsticks Gorilla

I think that’s technically a Hitman X. Just from the slightly different sidecaps.

Pm sent


bump. cleaned up the thread, added some SPYY, a Genesis, a Slim Dunk, Reaper, and a Boost Squared.

Is the silver bullet still available?

@AngryGumball skyychaser