FS/T: NEW WANTS 01/14 ||| G2 Quake & rare Nessies, YYR, OD, way more

Looking to sell/trade a bunch of my throws. Pics and descriptions below!

Roughly in order. Only interested in mint or near-mint.

  • CASH. Add 10$ for shipping to US / 15$ for tracking / $30 for superfast priority shipping.
  • CLYW 7075 Chief, Bonfire, Canvas, Avalance
  • CLYW Avalanche, Canvas, Bonfire
  • YYR Dazzler, Laser, Draupnir, Sleipnir, Gleipnir
  • DS Pride (6061 Only)
  • Werrd IronyJP
  • sOMETHING yoyos, esp. Anglam, Angle
  • OD Benchmark series
  • Duncan Freehand AL (Nickle plated prefered)
  • Certain OD/CLYW Summits (Confetti, Electric Bacon, 28s)
    [list][li]G-Squared Albatross AL7


Prices are semi-firm, not looking to negotiate on most throws. Might be willing to ship free depending on throw. Will offer discounts if you buy multiples.

NEW! G2 Quake




$100 for Buried Treasure Quake, $85 for Clear Quake, $90 for half-and-half - plus shipping
Got 2 quakes, want to let one go. Pretty flexible as to which one, but the prices above are pretty darn competitive so I’m going to say they’re firm.

Both are in mint condition, both come with the box and all original accessories (second bearing, pin, red wrapping paper stuff).

YYR Z-On Last chance, this is potentially pending.



$100 + shipping - MIB . Bought this direct from a trustworthy Japanese store, so they’re guaranteed authentic. Absolutely mint, comes with box and the string in the plastic baggie. Has a couple small machining marks typical of 7075 YYR. Great player, I’ve just been neglecting it recently.

G2 Nessies



Pre-Release Hulk’s Blood & Iron Man Blood - MIB
$95 + shipping. Rare, awesome colorways, never seen another Hulk Blood one for trade. Huge fan of these guys, so offer well! Comes with Gsquared’s new G-Grips response system, which is amazingly even better than their flowable which I loved.

[center]Vosun Stary & Arcs


$30 + shipping each, free shipping if you buy both. These new throws from a new company are an incredible bargain. They play a lot like YYR, with just a teensy bit of vibe (less than most CLYWs). The black one is the 2S Arcs, the blue/gold one is the 1S Stary.

They both share the same specs: 56mm diameter, 43mm width, 66g weight

[center]YYR Messiah - RedLast chance, this is potentially pending.



$80 + shipping - MIB . Gold gone, red still available. Only unscrewed twice. Bought from a trustworthy Japanese store, so guaranteed authentic. There are some subtle machining marks that I’m told is standard fare for YYR.

NEW! Hildy Bros. Emmett



$20 with purchase of other throw [b]- Mint with “Box” /b
Probably unwilling to sell it on its own due to shipping cost, but will lump it in for $20. 100% mint, only thrown a few times. Seemed like an interesting concept to me but I suck with fixed axle and gave it up pretty quick.

NEW! YoyoJoker Exceed



$30 + shipping This fun Delrin/metal throw is modular - The response, bearing and cups and everything can be switched. As such this one has the guts of a Perceptor (C bearing). Not my favorite throw, but it’s decent. Has a noticeable vibe, but it doesn’t affect play. I’m probably not looking to sell it straight-up, but this could be a good deal-sweetener.

YYR Six x2 - Black and SilverLast chance, black one potentially pending.



$90 + shipping - MIB . Silver one has never been unscrewed or played, black one has been unscrewed twice, played for a few minutes. This yoyo really surprised me in how well it plays for its size! Very precise and stable. Probably only willing to sell one, unless I get a great offer.

OneDrop x ILLY - Sakura SE (Hairband Colorway)



$90 + shipping - MIB (well, Mint In Pouch, at least). Comes with the original Sakura Side Effects, and I’ve swapped out the original pads for IrPads. It’s an improvement in my opinion, but I can ship with the original pads in a baggie if you’d like!

OneDrop Cascade - Wasteland




$85 + shipping - MIB. In some of the pics it looks like there is damage, but that’s just the splash/drip anno. No scuffs or any sort of damage on this one. Bigger pics: http://postimg.org/gallery/8999iiwo/a84ab97b/

SPYY Speed Freak [size=8pt](2010 Worlds Ed.)[/size]




$80 + shipping - 9.9/10. The only flaw I could find with it was a black marker-type mark. With water I got it almost invisible, doesn’t even show up in the pics. Plays perfectly, great throw. Bigger pics: http://postimg.org/gallery/8999iiwo/a84ab97b/

General-Yo Ministar



$75 + shipping. - There’s some anno flaws / discoloration here and there, I can get closer/better pics on request. No dings, scratches, pinpricks, etc. Note that the white stuff in the first picture is dust, not damage.




$70 + shipping - 9.5/10, after intense scrutiny, I found a single scuff that nobody would notice unless they went looking for it.

Hspin Icon



$65 + shipping. - 7.5/10, there are 3-4 rim scuffs that made it through the anno, but otherwise excellent. Stephan Benjamin Signature yoyo.

YYF Hubstack Genesis



$85 + shipping - 9/10 quality, a few small marks, nothing feelable and nothing that breaks ano. The genesis came with the hubstacks, they aren’t aftermarket or anything.

Duncan Delrin Freebird



$60 + shipping. Very unique, interesting Duncan throw - doesn’t play like anything else I can think of! It’s in very good condition, the caps don’t show any signs of wear or age, but there are a few subtle scuffs in the body. [/list]


Are you interested only MIB? I have a silver skywalker with no box that is in good condition

Sorry Jax, didn’t see this until now, already got a skywalker. Thanks though.

also, bump!

Boom goes the dynamite