Oh happy day!


So a few weeks ago I was playing with my YYJ Surge. I was in my living room and the Surge suddenly came apart. I found the bearing and the two halves, but I couldn’t find the axle. After much searching and eventually gave up on it. Unfortunately (YYE Site Improvements?) the YYJ axle in the shop section didn’t tell what axle the Surge. Just yesterday it was found.

(Erik Kerber ) #2



Clap along, if you feel like a room without a roof.


(Erik Kerber ) #4

I had too :smiley:


I lost mine too when I took it apart, the axle is tiny! I just tightened so it doesn’t fall out though.


B-but a room without a roof is actuallly pretty sad…
Think about it :wink:

Anyway, yaay you found the axle :slight_smile:


But, not when the room represents limitations to get to the sky.  Yet, maybe that’s why he was crying.  He probably found his axle too.  ;)  That’s why they call them “happy tears.”