Offtring or 1a yoyo?

Should i get a new yoyo for 1a or should i get an offstring yoyo and 2 10 ball bearings? My budget is $65. Don’t forget to post which yoyo i should get for either option.

Why not do both? haha, there both really fun.

If you want a 1a yoyo get:
Yoyofactory Northstar.
If you want a metal yoyo get a:
Yoyofactory Lunatic or Yuuksta.
I have those yoyo’s and there awesome.

For off-string good yoyo’s are:
If you want a oversized one get:
Yoyojam Bigyo
If you want a smaller one get:
Yoyojam Fiesta.

For 4A, the Big Yo is great. It’s very big for easy catching therefore easier to learn with.
The Fiesta is a great player although it’s a tad smaller than Big Yo. But either is fine.

For 1A, I would suggest the Yuuksta, probably one of the best you can get for 65$ unless you go to second-hand products. It’s smooth, grindable, great playing all metal, just good.

I would suggest going for 1A, as if you’re not too good in 1A, you can learn and progress a bit more till you hit a point where you think you are pretty decent with 1A, you can start to fool around with 4A. Don’t get me wrong, you can start 4A even if you’re a begginer but I think progessing some 1A skills would get you into a better position to start 4A.

Actually i could. Well i guess i could get the fiesta and the blitzfire, too bad they’re from two different sites.

For 4A the Duncan Flying Panda is nice. So are the Shinwoo Griffen and YYJ Fiesta, though I like the first two a little better. They are all well under $20 if I’m not mistaken.

For 1A there really are almost too many options haha. It depends on what you want really. YYJ has many great throws in the $40 and under range and for about the same price the Duncan Raptor is great too. There are plenty of throws at great prices. So just do a little research and buy one you think you will like. :slight_smile:

Ok so i will get the blitzfire and a offstring it will either be the Fiesta, griffin Wing, or hayabusa. Which one do you think is best or should i not get an offstring and get a popstar with the blitzfire.

Id say 1a yyf dv888. but then, i hate 4a ;D

I think a Hayabusa or a Flying Panda would work good for 4A. I am using a FHZ right now, and it actually works good for 4A, and those two throws are basically modified FHZ’s. And, that leaves you enough money to buy a $40-45 throw, like a Raptor or a DM2.

if u think you really wanna get good at 4a then get a offstring yoyo if u are just strictly 1a like me i would get 2 1a yoyos.

You can do 4A and 1A on the same yoyo. You just need skill. Like 4A on a 888x.

Never mind the blitzfire is out of the options because now they won’t be shipped till the 23rd :(. I will be getting the griffin wing still but now i will buy the raptor.

well I say that is a good choice and clean the raptor’s bearing because it is semi responsive or another bearing

I got another question. Which is smoother the Raptor or the Dingo.

Well, both are very smooth, but the Dingo has a 10 ball bearing which makes it silent and smoother. 10 ball bearings also take longer to break in (not a good thing).

But really, the Raptor is smooth enough, it’s a great player, same with Dingo. Dingo has a thinner profile and a larger bearing wall.

I think i will buy the raptor because it is cheaper so i can save up for an off-string yoyo later.

Yeah, between Raptor and Dingo, definitely go for the Raptor.

Make sure you have a new bearing for it, or way to clean it’s bearing!

Ok i was going to buy a new bearing anyways. now if only my mom will order it tonight.

Raptor + 10 Ball brg + Griffin Wing = $62

If it’s not too late, you can still get it all.

It is now. Just ordered it. I ordered two so i can have one for my other yoyos. if i can I will get the Griffin wing in about 4 weeks if i can.