Which do you think is the best offstring yoyo for beginners … Hope I haven’t missed something … And it should be near 35 40 dollars…

None of them. The Zeekio Saturn V comes in close second to the FAST 201.

Haven’t played a skyhawk yet or heard too much about it. I started with the GoBig and it’s a great beginner offstring throw, durable and easy to learn on.

I like the Skyhawk, and I’d consider myself an offstring novice - I can do basic throws/catches, and one whip but that’s it. I’ve had the Skyhawk for a few months now and it’s taken a beating that’s for sure. The weight rings haven’t popped out yet which I know was a problem in the prototypes.

Philip I’m genuinely curious about why you’d recommend a FAST 201 for an offstring beginner, besides the obvious (that practicing on a “normal” yo-yo makes you far more accurate).

For one thing, that’s what I started on.

You hit the other reason. I would actually recommend a nice cheap delrin 1a because those are far more durable. Just make sure to put a thin bearing in.

Skyhawk or deneb, though I like the other two better. Practicing with a thin yoyo (and I mean thin, not narrow lol) is great practice. I started with a duncan mosquito (with out the side cap thingys, even though they aren’t supposed to be removed).

Huh. I never thought of it like that. I used my old beat to hell and back DM2, but only on grass to learn offstring, so I guess I agreed with you with out knowing it.

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If you’re using fast 201 for 4A should you make some adjustments to throw or it should be same as they teach in how to throw offstring yoyo…

Have you tried the Go Big? Rubber rims seem more durable to me on impacts