Offstring Yoyo with Spinning Cap/Nine Dragon?

Wouldn’t it be fun if they make a 4A Offstring yoyo with spinning cap like the Auldey Tornado or have a body like YYF Nine Dragon.

It would be great for beginners since if the yoyo hit the floor, it would just sit there without spinning away. And I am sure people would love to grab the yoyo midair for fun.

If people want the yoyo act more normally, a regular Z-stack would do.

That would make practice sessions far easier, and I think it’s a cool design idea. If it would ever be made, I’d sure try it out.

I wonder if yyf could make shells specifically for 4A. Never played a nine dragons so I’m not sure of the durability, I’d be surprised if it would be strong enough to sustain a few big misses.

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Will be strong enough soon. The original nine dragons came with machines plastic parts. Soon there will be molded parts on nine dragons standard. Previous nine dragons owners will be hooked up pretty easily to retro fit their yoyos and stores will get parts to allow customers to make a fluid transition. the molded parts are more durable and easily replaced on extreme drops.

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Good! Keep working with the nine dragons! Such a cool concept!

Very cool! Glad to hear previous owners will be able to take advantage of the molded shells. Thanks for remembering the early adopters, Ben!

I played the molded parts at worlds. They play a lot better and are more durable

Think we could see an image of these new parts?

They’ll probably look the same. Its the same part, just made differently.

Will they be made in different colors, as well?