Offstring string length?

Hi guys,

I’ve played 1a, 2a, 3a, 5a, but I’ve never tried 4a and I am wandering what my string length should be, whether it be long, medium like 1a or short like 2a :s

i use yoyoexpert blue string it has a good length i wouldnt recommend some of the shorter string if you want get into the whips and stuff or tech so go with more of the longer string from the well known companies like YoyoExpert or YoyoNation hope this helps

I would recommend a long, uncut string. A longer string allows the yoyo to generate more spin, which would lead to a longer spin time to perform all your tricks. It also allows the loop to become bigger, which would help you greatly, whether you are doing whips, slacks, or technical tricks.