Offstring mods and tips

I have a ben conde go big and I can do the basic tricks like whips and pops. I am wanting to get more advanced and learn finger grinds and stuff like that. I have a yoyo glove and I can do finger grinds on my arctic circle but not on my go big any tips for that. Also I watch ben conde offstring and his spins alot longer than mine. I know most yoyoers mod there yoyos so I was wondering if there was amod to make it spin longer other than just lube. Also if you could just tell me any good mods for a go big

I don’t do 4A, but i believe it has to do with the amount of experience you have. Much like in 1A, the more you practice, the longer it will spin.

Exactly this.

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So are there any tips for finger grinds I can seem to hold them for very long

wear a glove, or give up for now, an revisit them when you get more advanced


I put it together. It seems that your a beginner/intermediate.

Your yoyo wont sleep that long because your not throwing it hard enough. So that explains thumb grinds. Short spin, short grinds.

Just practice like 20 at a time, throw catch bind. Try throwing it harder, without throwing it high. I can get a super hard throw, without hitting my ceiling in my room.

You will get it, just do the basic tricks. I cant even do thumb grinds. (Aiming issues lol)

1: As has been said, practice.

2: The bearing plays a big factor. The older N-sized bearings with the cruddy cages tend to be OK. The new plastic-caged ones are OK, but usually not all that great. The new ones with the 10-balls and the cage that completely wraps around the balls in the bearing tends to be the best.

3: Along with quality of bearing, clean it out and don’t lube it. Run that sucker dry. Well, you can lube using the pin/dip method, but I use Dry Play.

4: Grinds: Remove the cap, it will give you more to to hook into for thumb grinds. For hand and finger grinds, that rubber rim is a friction beast so it’s a good think you’re using a glove: On your NON-throw hand! Feel free to use two gloves.

5: Response: Use pads, don’t silicone. I find silicone tears out fast in off-strings. Learn from my mistakes.

6: When you do a normal 4A throw, when you grab the string with your non-throw-hand, pull DOWN a little. That seems to make the yoyo shoot UP and back towards you and increasing spin.