OFFICIAL World Yo-Yo Contest Tracking Thread

does anyone know if hes competeing this year ???

I heard he was but I’m not sure don’t take my word for it…

he is

i heard he was but im not certain, if he is i hope he wins ;D

are you sure?

whos gonna win

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Dylan Benharris 2011 WYYC

pual han because he broke the string and almost killed some one

Someone broke a string? OK, I haven’t seen that one yet but it already gets my vote based on the description. I gotta find some links to those videos! they are on here

Yeah, just watched that. Wish there was a wider shot so I could have seen that yo launch.

Can’t tell what was wrong with the first yoyo he brought have had a knot in the string.

I kind of wish they’d say what was being used, but hey, that’s just be being nosy.

Moving on to the 2a Finals:

Moving on to the 3a Finals:

Moving on to the 4a Finals:

1: Shinji Saito

2: Takuma Yamamoto

3: Joseph Harris

4: Shota Aizawa

5: Shuhei Kanai

1: Daisuke Shimada

2: Patrick Borgerding

3: Tailchiro Higashi

4: Alex Hattori

5: Yoshi Mikamoto

6: Eric Tranton

1: Naoto Okada

2: John Narum

3: Tomohiko Zanka

4: Sean Perez

5: Ben Conde

6: Tomoya Kawasaki

7: Shotaro Masuda

8: Connor Scholten

9: Zac Rubino

Moving to the 1a Semi-Finals

1: Ryota Ogi

2: Andrew Bergen

3: Gentry Stein

4: Luis Enrique

5: Chris Frasier

6: Eric Koloski

7: Yicheng Lou

8: Lori Kozima

9: Hiroyuki Suzuki

10: Akitoshi Tokubuchi

11: Kazuki Okada

12: Takahiro Kawasaki

13: Tomoya Kawasaki

14: Jailin Chen

15: Anthony Rojas

16: Jesse Christe

17: Hiro Irifune

18: Takuma Inque

19: Reiki Seykiya

20: Andrew Maider

21: Daniel Dietz

22: Harold Owen

23: Alexis Jancorda-Vadnais

24: Tomaa Bubak

25: Hidemasa Semba

Lets please try to keep all the Worlds talk in the same thread.

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