Official Name Ideas for a Yoyo and Compony

I am thinking We Throw Riverside as the Compony and not sure about name for the throw. I am open to suggestions.
Thats the picture if someone wants to save it and post it here then please do.

Mod Edit: Let me get that for you - Dr. Yo-Yo

YoYoBloom or BloomYoYo’s

Then you could name the yoyos after various flowers.

Call this one teh Tuplip or Poppy.

And a yo-yo with flower petals engraved in the catch zone would look amazing.

and you would get all the chicks

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Already done… :smiley:

But now the moms will like you

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The Patel

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WTR and name the throws after all the riverside Locals? The Patel, The Louen, The Tran Twins… THE GUIERMO!



(dre veer)

What else…


(shrow ver side)

Cause you know… Schaefer…

Lol, I am leaning towards naming it because,

Learning how to spell company might be something to think about.

You don’t believe everything you see in the Internet you know. :slight_smile:

Don’t you feel hard because you can spot one spelling error?

I auto correct didn’t change it so I left it. Big deal?

Sorry its just people are so unlearned these days. BTW I love your yoyo!

I hate to break it to you but, the correct word would be uneducated. :slight_smile:

how much? :wink: i’d definately support your throws up here in Alaska if i get ahold of one

They are selling for $65. I am not trying to sell through this forum though.