If You Where Starting Your Own Yoyo Company,...


What would you name it?

Post yours here :slight_smile:

(BTW I am not starting my own “company” just curious to see what you guys would name a yoyo company)


Epic yoyos, like Epic Strings, epic Kendamas, epic…


Probably something like Spindown


Secret spin works




I already did. In 1992.

The yoyo I am designing has yet to enter the drawing/sketch phase and may not see the “light of day” as I’ve completely lost the drive to design it.

However, if I do end up going forward, the idea would be an affordable high-end competition-oriented yoyo that costs under $70.


I’m trying to get a prototype made, I want to call my company “Dang Cat! Throws”.




JoJo J’s


Moose House Yoyo Works or MHYW for short. Its just so original and no other companies name is like that… wait a minute ;(


JO-YO pro throws


Floorboard Design