Mapid YoYos

Okay so we got a new name! We decided 3E YoYos wasn’t the best decision so we racked our brains together and have come to a decision on the name Mapid YoYos. We are currently working on our first yoyo design which will hopefully be completely done mid June. We are currently trying to find a good way to paint the yoyos, and such.


3yo3…C3Yoyodesign…x3…how about a name with out a 3 in it…? I think that’s done at this point…

okay, well I’ll se what my friend who actually started this says but I think you’re right :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do. In the mean time though got any suggestions of what it should be?

update We changed the name of our company hope it’s better! :slight_smile:

I’m happy…I think ano is a lot easier…lots of places do it…I’ve panted a few and it’s time consuming hard word…and you need the right equipment…I don’t think you wan to rattle can even a small run that way…you could just go raw…lot of raw stuff coming out right now…I like it… do a first run raw…then think about color…I look forward to seeing what you got….and don’t listen to anyone who tells you the popdada is not a great name for a yoyo…

haha okay :slight_smile: