Official Mongoose Strings thread

I get what @codinghorror is saying so this is my last topic for mongoose strings. so basically if you have any questions about my strings or need info on my strings or anything about mongoose strings just reply here

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i will also post info or updates on my strings here

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also if you want a sample string pack let me know here ( i cant always give out sample packs)

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I’d be happy to buy/sample some and give you feedback. You got any nylon/poly blends yet? I can send you some Airetics to try also if you’d like. Pm if interested.


I would also recommend slowing the topic creation down in general, not just in regards to the string. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but sometimes using the search function can find an answer without needing a topic.

I’d also recommend like others have that you get a lot more experience making strings before trying to sell them. Even a few months isn’t that long of a time, and if you’ve only been yoyoing for a short amount of time you may not be as great a judge of quality string as you will be after putting more time in. And considering how many string choices there are I don’t see a lot of people switching over to a less experienced string maker, especially given that you seem very unsure of how operate your potential string business given a lot of the questions you’ve posted. Why not continue treating string making as a hobby until you have a lot more time put into it?

I’m also curious as to whether or not you’ve compensated the creator of your logo yet.


Lmao I’ve been said this :joy:


Yeah I thought it might slow down but I was wrong. A lot of the topics are either answerable through a forum or google search, and the stuff related to how his potential business should proceed are things he really needs to figure out for himself before beginning that endeavor.

@mongoosethrowsyoutub we can’t tell you, for example where and how you should sell your strings, that’s stuff you can only really decide for yourself. A new bicycle manufacturer isn’t going to go on a bicycle forum to ask cyclists how they should operate their business, but they might ask for feedback on their bicycles. We can give you feedback on the string quality, but as far as operating your business I think other avenues of research might be more beneficial.


new strings!! some flea string more flea string some tirobal thread string side by side cuprasion of my rg vs soft edition soft edition left handed string


thanks to @andy569 for teaching me this combo


Man that light gray/blue looks sharp!! Looks like the new cavalry blue Tacomas lol


why thank you kind sir


Really nice packaging and presentation. Well done @mongoosethrowsyoutub.


thanks man

These look great man, I’ll try some in the future for sure.

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