Would y'all actually buy these strings?

if i started selling strings do you think people would actually buy them?

if i need people to review them i can get that done


here are some of the strings


I’d give em a shot if you have like, a sampler pack
fixed your title, btw


I really liked the ones that you sent me earlier in the year. I’ll be honest, I threw them on a book shelf when I got them thinking they were just another string, then got them out with a new yoyo I got and put one one. They’re as good, if not better, than a lot of boutique string that I’ve tried :+1:

If you really want to make a go of it find a good yoyoer to “sponser”. Jake Bullock comes to mind right now, he’s well known and is making a lot of posts on instagram. He always links to the products he’s using and will talk them up. String makers are a dime a dozen right now, so to get your name out there finding a player or two that you can supply strings in return for them talking about them would be a good thing.


i’d love to try them out so yes i would buy them

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Maybe start giving people some to try and if they’re good the orders should start coming in! I’m down to buy some though and to try em out.


yeah like a sample pack (like i did with @hellathrowed lol)