So, You Should all be here now due to the other thread being dead!
If Not
Go read what happened on the last page

Now, All the Protos Have been sent to reviewers!
And I have Created a yoyo design that will,
Potential either frighten you, or make you drool.
I have made 2 versions.
Version One
I have Dubbed
The Khopesh

The Khopesh Was designed with Long term usage and Fatigue in mind
Named after the Egyptian Battle Sword, It was meant to be lightweight, easy to control,
and not overwhelmingly fast for the weight
Specs are
58mm dia
40mm Width

Now, The next yoyo. While It may share the Same exact shape of the Khopesh
It is completely different. This Yoyo was built to be a monster.
Version two
I have Dubbed
The Thanatos

The Thanatos, May look exactly like the Khopesh right? That may be true, but This one is a tank.
Named after the Greek god, Thanatos, The embodiment of death, Cupids Twin brother. Beautiful to look at, But despair to all who face it. Designed to be a tank that can handle any sort of play and 3 core styles of play.
Specs are
55mm dia
48mm width

(Yes I am aware there is no bearing seat etc. Weights may change slightly after those are added)

-Wilson AKA Mr. Hyde

The first version looks awesome! I really like the weight if it can stay at about 60 with the bearing seat :slight_smile: you need to put the spike from the LunarWind on it though IMO

Are the weights including the weight for axle and bearings?

Yes I they are! May change by a fraction of a gram when seats and axle holes are made

Also, the spike makes it look a tad weird!

Did you do this on EMS?

Yes I Did :slight_smile:

Also! (I really hate doing this, but its for a worthy cause!)
If you guys want to see these yoyos Protoed
Please Try and Buy From My BST

It would really Help if you could!
If not, Don’t worry bout it :slight_smile:

Have you made any protos of the new throws?

Not yet!
In my New BST
I’m selling for cash
to Proto these :slight_smile:

This has probably been asked and answered a few times already, but what price point are you shooting for with the Lunarwinds, and where are they going to be sold? Also, any plans for finishing/anodizing, or are you gonna stick with raw? I’d very much like to get my hands on one some time.

With this small prototype run we’re planning on about $100 USD. Completely rawed; I feel as though these should be kept as prototypes instead of all decked out. Of course when it’s purchased and out of our hands its up to the consumer to do whatever with. But that’s how we plan on selling our prototypes. And hey, raw is beautiful :slight_smile:

Personally I’d suggest doing some ano and blasting if you get into full production, not just selling a small batch of protos.

We’re two teens with crazy dreams!
Our full run will be funded by the sale of our prototypes. We have some great ideas for blasting and colorways, don’t worry :wink:

Awesome! I can’t wait to support you guys, it’s been so great watching the company go from an idea on the drawing board to actually putting yoyos out there!

Oh Don’t worry.
There WILL Be a revolution made by us.
And This could really be something to be reckoned with

Our ideas. Have Grown exponentially better.

I like them both! Personally I’d tack a couple more grams to the Khopesh (60g just seems soooo low).

Love the cut on both of them as well.

Good luck with your protos! :slight_smile:

Well, lets see how the. 60gs plays :slight_smile:
I wanted it 45g but then the cut, and the dia wouldn’t work xD

Are you going to have the Lunar Winds anodized in sick patterns, or just colors?

Hopefully both!
And maybe some Chemical engavings :slight_smile:
Those are gonna be a surprise

Zomgggg i need to throw a lunar wind!!! They are sexy!!

Why yes you do :slight_smile: